The Grand Bahama Cardiovascular Center

Our dedicated team, under the direction of Dr. Winston F. Forbes, at The Grand Bahama Cardiovascular Center work together to provide the best quality care to all of our patients while ensuring that each individual need is met.

We specialize in treating all cardiovascular conditions including:
Heart Attacks
Heart Disease
Chronic venous insufficiency
Peripheral vascular disease
Arrhythmia (rhythm disturbances)
Coronary artery disease
Diagnostic tests and procedures include:
Stress Test (exercise treadmill, ECG stress test, exercise stress and dobutamine stress echocardiogram)
Holter Monitors (24-48 Hours)
Event Monitors
ICD Interrogations
Doppler Studies
Ankle-Brachial Index Evaluations
Patient Testimonials

Great professionals all in one place! Fabulous doctors, great staff and now a pharmacy to round out the trifecta!

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